Aparri was SOLD. Let’s not let it happen to PALAWAN!

I was saddened by the news about the mining in Palawan. That news almost lead me to a nervous breakdown! (weh? really? haha!) I really admired Palawan especially Puerto Princessa and the St. Paul Subterranean Underground River, a finalist in the seven wonders of the world.

I love the province even though I haven’t visited it yet. I can remember what our Division Schools Superintendent told us what they do in Palawan during the DSPC in the year 2007 (not sure). She told us when she visited there once that the students and teachers keep their papers and other garbages in their own bags. and at dismissal time on their way out of the school, they assemble and all at once throw all those garbages in a container.
One more thing that she told us is about her experience riding a van. She was about to throw a leftover food on the street, though she really did not intended to do it, when the driver told her this: “Ma’am wag po! pagagalitan po tayo. may basurahan po sa likod ng upuan ninyo.”
This proves to us that the inhabitants of Palawan are trying their best to preserve what they have-natural beauty. and that makes them rich. tourism is one of their best sources of income. They are also blessed for the province is located where storm seldom crosses and earthquakes doesn’t happen. (i only read it on the internet, heard on tv)
The question is, why did they let this happen? To get some national income for more government projects? that’s a bad idea! i think the best asset we have is our environment. it is why the Spaniards came here, right? and why millions of tourists continue to flock in the different beautiful spots of the country. if that’s what they want. they’ll get it. but do they know that mining gives temporary satisfaction? and the benefits does not go directly to the people, but to the miners and those who are behind this?
i am encapsulated by my anger and guilt that i cannot do anything to save Palawan. i’ve got little readers and not all of you will do a thing to stop it. what’s worst is that we are currently experiencing the effects of mining, specifically black sand mining in our town Aparri. yeah, it was perked at the edge of heaven. that was before.
I do not want Palawan to experience what the Aparrianos are experiencing now. Filipinos must make a move now before anything else gets worse. i want to step in Palawan, untouched, not mined, not destroyed. and i want my children’s children’s children’s children to see the beauty of the place. i know you want that too. so make a move! sign up to http://www.no2mininginpalawan.com
Save the Philippine’s last or else ONLY PARADISE!

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