Pen Point 53

It's bad enough that some policies are influenced by politics and selfish interests, but now the government is stepping up its efforts to deceive and misinform the public even further. Public policy should be based on evidence, but not on studies of poor or questionable quality.

Pen Point 52

In the face of limited resources in a world with unlimited health demands, the need to sustain the viability and sustainability of health financing systems is paramount. Legislators must carefully examine the design of health policies that influence the realization of universal health care and to consider interventions that have the greatest effect on the … Continue reading Pen Point 52


Pen Point 51

The deluge of health information poses a great challenge to patients, especially if the information cannot be critically analyzed and synthesized. Therefore, it is incumbent for health care providers to examine and integrate into a coherent whole all the pieces of evidence coming from disparate sources, and help patients make sense of the rapidly changing … Continue reading Pen Point 51

Pen Point 50

Evidence-informed policies sound sensible, right? But why does it not often happen, especially in the Philippines? While the use of evidence in decision-making seems logical, policy-making (sadly) often isn't rational. It's almost always political.

Pen Point 49

Various provider payment mechanisms will continue to exist in the country‚Äôs health care system. Emphasis is placed, however, on the current movement towards using performance-driven, prospective payments (e.g. Global Budget Payment) based on diagnosis-related groups (DRG). The shift to DRG-based GBP will not be easy. Mechanisms should be in place to avoid underprovision and ensure … Continue reading Pen Point 49

Pen Point 48

Good news if we've truly flattened the curve. But have we improved our health system's surge capacity? Some hospitals lack manpower and PPE. Ending the ECQ may mean well for the economy. However, without health systems strengthening and evidence-based measures to control community transmission, we'll continue to strain our overburdened health care system.

Pen Point 47

Duterte & his allies have mastered the art of deception and selective justice. Deception of people for the sake of the people is a contradiction in democracy. Indeed, politics is a dirty game. Remember that there are no permanent friends, or enemies, only permanent (sometimes selfish) interests. Inaction is action. Our government is responsible both … Continue reading Pen Point 47

Pen Point 46

Clearly, we now see the need to invest more in our health system to improve its capacity to address the growing needs of the Filipino people. After this pandemic, let us urge our lawmakers to push for more funding, innovation, and research.