Today, I am thankful

Today, I am thankful. Today, I thank the Lord for His blessings. Blessings He has freely given without me asking. Today, I thank Neil for his patience, understanding and unending love. Love that goes beyond reason. Today, I thank my family for their continued support, guidance, and the values we share. Values that make-up the … Continue reading Today, I am thankful


Towards universal health coverage and sustainable development

Forty years after the landmark Alma-Ata Declaration, gross inequities in health status across socio-economic classes remain apparent in the Philippines. The implementation of primary health care (PHC), dubbed as the key to achieving “health for all”, is deemed insufficient and uneven within the country making universal health coverage (UHC) far from reality. On 25-26 October … Continue reading Towards universal health coverage and sustainable development

New beginning

More than just professional growth, it is the idea of bringing about relevant change in the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system that primarily motivates me to pursue graduate studies. I have been working in the hospital for almost two years now and it has occurred to me that my experience as a bedside … Continue reading New beginning

The war on bugs

In 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming, physician and researcher who discovered penicillin, warned that “the person playing with penicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of the man who finally succumbs to infection with the penicillin-resistant organism.” Today, we are witnesses to Fleming’s prediction rapidly unfolding as a global reality and disaster. The introduction of … Continue reading The war on bugs

Top Ten Lines Lousy and Incompetent Managers Would Say

Good leaders, like good managers, provide vision, inspiration and direction (Morriss, Ely, & Frei, 2014). People want leaders who pursue goals and put emphasis on values (ethics) that are deemed important. People want leaders who respect and promote the dignity, autonomy, and self-esteem of their constituents. A job title doesn't make a person a leader. … Continue reading Top Ten Lines Lousy and Incompetent Managers Would Say