Post-duty thoughts

Aside from mutual trust and respect, an open and honest communication is key to a ‘successful relationship’ (including friendships). But how do we even measure ‘success’? Based on the number of years lived together? Number of children? Number of events attended together? Or maybe the influence of the relationship and other related factors to one’s quality of life?

Comparing one relationship to another is counterproductive. We should evaluate and strive to improve our relationships based on mutually set vision, goals, and desires.

Speak the (love) language of your partner. Speak it frequently and consistently.


Anniversarius: 2017 Year in Review

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

The past year was a series of anniversaries, endings, and new beginnings. In this blogpost, I present the highlights of my year – my own version of #2017bestnine. I’ll do away with very long wordy blogpost which I did in the previous year. This year, let me take you back to everything that’s happened in the past year through pictures.


Our undergraduate research paper was published in several online journals this year.  Cannot help but be proud of our group!16640571_10206561653155080_1725655335588100820_n


My partner and I got tested for HIV and we both learned that we’re in the healthy side of statistics. We encourage everyone, LGBTQIA and straight, to take the test. Read more: Know your status.



I enjoyed my very first summer outing with the Ward 5 Family! We went to Bolinao in Pangasinan and enjoyed the beautiful Patar Beach.


Nightingale Research Solutions celebrated its first anniversary on August this year. We continue to offer research consultancy services. For more information, visit our page here: NRS.


I’ve been in the service for more than a year now. I am proud to say that I have finished my two-year return service pending the submission of my final RSA report. 🙂



Grabbed almost all the opportunities to be with my high school classmates. Low maintenance, ever-supportive friends!


5. Project GifTED and Serge Aclan

Project GifTED was launched early this year and was able to receive grants for its project proposal : the establishment of the Lipa City Youth Orchestra. After receiving the top prize during the Angat Buhay Youth Summit last August, we were also invited to visit South Korea to pitch our proposal for more funding. Here’s the story as told by Rappler: Project GifTED.


Hanyang University (Seoul) invited us to pitch our project proposal and join the 2nd 17 Hearts Festival. The event was held last November. Project GifTED was given another grant amounting to 1,000,000 Korean Won.



I was in Korea during my birthday. Happy that I was able to celebrate it with new friends from various countries in the world.


Here’s a photo of the post-birthday celebration with the Family.23659133_10208333661574183_5595003834283529240_n

And finally, a very late birthday celebration with my closest college friends.24837621_10208270108270727_8333591224430867264_o


In the middle of 2017, I organized a family dinner where they “officially” met Neil as well as the partners of my two sisters.



Just this December, one of our cousins got married and I was asked to be one of his groomsmen. It was a wonderful wedding experience and celebration of love.



Finally, Neil and I celebrated our first anniversary last September. Our relationship isn’t and will never be perfect but I am happy and blessed that this is true. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more certain. Borrowing the lyrics of the song Forevermore, you were just a dream. I never thought I would be right for you.

I never thought I am the right one for you.



Many other great things happened this year. Thank you to everyone who made 2017 an awesome year. Let’s leave all the negative behind and look forward to bigger and better things. There are many things to be thankful for. But more importantly, there are many more to look forward to.

Here’s to hoping for a greater year this 2018! Cheers! 🙂

Photo credits: Javillonar, E. Jarabe, A. Jarabe, Rosales, RR Tamayo, Magno, Falzado, Rappler, bestnine2017, Gilo, Office of the Vice President

Thoughts on the Philippine film industry

There are good movies but there are better ones. Depends on how you define ‘good’ and ‘better’. I just don’t like shaming one or two movies because it lacked visual appeal, social relevance and impact. For every film that’s out in the market, there’s a director, production team, and a set of artists who definitely gave their efforts to produce one that suits their target audience.

Movies that some people consider as ‘bad’ are not necessarily bad. For some, it could be as entertaining as they want it to be, serving the primary (I suppose) purpose and goal of the whole industry.

However, I am one with the call for more socially-relevant, world-class films that we, Filipinos, can truly be proud of. The Philippine film industry should evolve and become what the society needs it to be. We should produce films not to merely entertain but to encourage, inspire, and move Filipinos to embrace the true Filipino identity, appreciate our homegrown talents, and laud the artistry that is truly Filipino.

RSA 2 of 2

December 18 marks the END of my TWO-YEAR RETURN SERVICE. Two years ago, I started working as a research assistant at Health Futures Foundation, Inc. Seven months after, I left the organization to become a staff nurse at the Philippine General Hospital.

I believe I have completed my RSA and is now therefore “free” of liabilities pending the submission of my final RSA report by the end of this year.

What a journey it has been! Hello TOR without the words “for employment in the Philippines ONLY”! Not planning to leave the country though. 🙂

Happy to be of service to the Filipino people! Para sa bayan!