Anniversarius: 2017 Year in Review

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. The past year was a series of anniversaries, endings, and new beginnings. In this blogpost, I present the highlights of my year - my own version of #2017bestnine. I'll do away with very long wordy blogpost which I did in the previous year. This year, … Continue reading Anniversarius: 2017 Year in Review


Thoughts on the Philippine film industry

There are good movies but there are better ones. Depends on how you define 'good' and 'better'. I just don't like shaming one or two movies because it lacked visual appeal, social relevance and impact. For every film that's out in the market, there's a director, production team, and a set of artists who definitely … Continue reading Thoughts on the Philippine film industry

UP Manila says ‘No’ to Medical Cannabis Legalization in the Philippines

I agree that: 1) further research on Cannabis' efficacy and safety should be done under strict protocols (provided by national institutions) to ensure patient safety and safeguard public health. 2) any policy, especially public health policies, should be evidence-based. "UP Manila says 'NO' to Medical Cannabis Legalization" Download whole document: