War on Drugs or War Against the Poor?

Since Duterte’s inauguration as President of the Philippines in 2016, the country has been bombarded by news about extrajudicial killings and human rights violations. Duterte himself, in a number of speeches, encouraged policemen and his allies to track and kill drug users and pushers. More recently, he has advocated lowering the age of criminal liability … Continue reading War on Drugs or War Against the Poor?

Thoughts on the ecology of policy development

The term ‘ecology’ literally means environment. For policy studies, it pertains to the environment under which a public policy is taken. My understanding is anchored on the idea that the environment from which a policy is generated and the environment to where it is intended to be transmitted and implemented are the same. In other … Continue reading Thoughts on the ecology of policy development

Pen Point 35

Issues with equity have influenced health care for many years. Equity, in the context of social health insurance such as the Philippines’ Philhealth, means access of the whole population to a package of health services by paying an affordable contribution, and sometimes no contribution at all (for senior citizens and indigents). Philhealth can improve access … Continue reading Pen Point 35

Towards universal health coverage and sustainable development

Forty years after the landmark Alma-Ata Declaration, gross inequities in health status across socio-economic classes remain apparent in the Philippines. The implementation of primary health care (PHC), dubbed as the key to achieving “health for all”, is deemed insufficient and uneven within the country making universal health coverage (UHC) far from reality. On 25-26 October … Continue reading Towards universal health coverage and sustainable development

New beginning

More than just professional growth, it is the idea of bringing about relevant change in the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system that primarily motivates me to pursue graduate studies. I have been working in the hospital for almost two years now and it has occurred to me that my experience as a bedside … Continue reading New beginning