Is the government paying more than it should?

This definition of "overpayment" in the context of FFS is outright wrong. We are accustomed to thinking that paying a peso for every peso is the only right thing to do in a country that is deluged by cases of graft and corruption. Our past has conditioned us to think that paying over or under … Continue reading Is the government paying more than it should?


Should the government pay for whatever is on the receipt?

Paying for amounts printed on receipts is tantamount to subscribing to FFS rather than ACR. As illustrated above, this is inefficient and could likely promote external fraud. ACR, however, is far from perfect but averaging should've been the best method to determine the average cost of care needed for a specific case or procedure. The … Continue reading Should the government pay for whatever is on the receipt?

Government should provide financial support to PhilHealth

I agree that PhilHealth, as the implementer of the NHIP, should continue providing FP to all Filipinos by reimbursing claims. PHILHEALTH SHOULD NOT DENY CLAIMS JUST SO IT CAN PRESERVE FUNDS and have a longer actuarial life. IMHO, PhilHealth's role as a strategic purchaser of healthcare services/goods is the fulcrum that balances the health and … Continue reading Government should provide financial support to PhilHealth

Congressional hearing: Corruption allegations against PhilHealth

Congressional Hearing 5 August 2020   1) I do not agree with Cong. Defensor when he said that investing in an IT system while still using the All Case Rate (ACR) system will "computerize" corruption in PhilHealth. Regardless of the provider payment system, an IT system will actually help the Corporation and health care providers … Continue reading Congressional hearing: Corruption allegations against PhilHealth

Pen Point 50

Evidence-informed policies sound sensible, right? But why does it not often happen, especially in the Philippines? While the use of evidence in decision-making seems logical, policy-making (sadly) often isn't rational. It's almost always political.

Pen Point 48

Good news if we've truly flattened the curve. But have we improved our health system's surge capacity? Some hospitals lack manpower and PPE. Ending the ECQ may mean well for the economy. However, without health systems strengthening and evidence-based measures to control community transmission, we'll continue to strain our overburdened health care system.

Pen Point 47

Duterte & his allies have mastered the art of deception and selective justice. Deception of people for the sake of the people is a contradiction in democracy. Indeed, politics is a dirty game. Remember that there are no permanent friends, or enemies, only permanent (sometimes selfish) interests. Inaction is action. Our government is responsible both … Continue reading Pen Point 47

Nudging in health care

We saw a dramatic change in people’s behavior brought about by information (and misinformation) regarding the worldwide spread of COVID-19. People began clamoring for more health information and others started wearing surgical face masks to protect themselves. Following advice from the Department of Health, several organizations cancelled their scheduled conferences and conventions this year. What … Continue reading Nudging in health care