NSTP – February…

NSTP – February 10, 2012

 There were only a few doctors who reported today. We finished earlier than expected. I did not find it hard to locate for the patients’ records. I guess I have completely adjusted with the system of that clinic. I felt like I really belong in the system now. We have 2 weeks left to serve in the clinic and this made me more eager to acquire more knowledge and lessons that the experience offers.
Jessica shared what she experienced with the patient that she assisted a few minutes before we left the clinic.
Because of that, I remembered what happened the previous practicum day. Ma’am Elsie and I were numbering the blue cards when she saw a 50 Peso bill inserted on one of the cards. She ignored it at first and continued to number the blue cards. Afterwards, she announced that there was a bill inserted in one of the cards.
Whoever owns it may claim it immediately. Nobody approached us in the counter and the money was left on the counter untouched.
I realized that it was maybe a tactic of one of the patients for him/her to be processed first. But, I am glad that cheaters are never welcome. How I wish all our agencies are like those who are in UP-PGH: honest and professional.
These two are of the many things I need to sustain, if not develop further, in order for me to fully grasp the nursing profession. Professionalism comes hand in hand with honesty. It is but important to do work ‘fairly’ and ‘just’ even though they are small things. Our country has a brighter future. I believe this dream will be realized someday with all the people like Ma’am Elsie who remains to be honest no matter what the circumstance is.

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