Paulinians thrive in annual Paulink

FOUR journalists of SPSA received awards during the 5th Campus Journalism Fellowship for Paulinian Writers and Advisers held in St. Paul College-Pasig, April 11-13.

Paularri staffers Keith Altares, Donato Legaspi Jr., Renz Tamayo and A.C. Tuvilla were among the more than 50 high school students who were given recognitions in the said event.

Altares and Tamayo were awarded Most Outstanding Editorial Cartoonist and Most Outstanding Editorial Writer, respectively. Legaspi received the award Most Promising Feature Writer. The high school quiz bee champion A.C. Tuvilla along with 2 other students from different schools also received an award.

Almost doubling the number of participants, Paulink which stands for Paulinian Ink has gone better than last year. Adding to its highlight features were plenums that gave the writers a chance to discover more about different types of writing and new school paper elements.

The organizing committee this year established an association for both advisers and editors. Paularri adviser Mrs. Yolanda Annang was elected Vice-President of the Paulinian School Paper Adviser’s Guild of the Philippines and Student Council President Ryan Esquibil was installed Public Relations Officer for Luzon of the Paulinian Editor’s Guild of the Philippines.

The awarding of contest winners, induction of officers and closing ceremonies took place in the Mere Marie Anne de Tilly Convention Hall in the afternoon of April 13.

Other participants from SPSA were Dayanne Abad, Kathryn Acebedo, Charlene Mendoza, Djarmaine Ragonjan and Grace Timario. #




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