Student-leaders join the 2009 Paulinian Leadership Training

12 chosen Paulinians from grade school to high school participated in the National Leadership Congress for Paulinian Student-Leaders which was held last April 19-22 at St. Paul College-Pasig with the theme: “Lessons from the past, Challenges to the future leaders.”

Bernice Rodriguez, Charmie Rabanal, Isabel Gujilde, Dayanne Abad, Valentina Ignacio, Vanne Sanggalang, Krystalyn Invierno, Ria Ramos, July Cabalbag, Lemuel Tuvilla, King Palmea and Renz Tamayo with Mrs. Lilia R. Collera, the current Student Affairs Chairperson, make-up the delegation of St. Paul School of Aparri in the said event.

At 4:30pm last April 18, the selected representatives of SPSA left the town riding a provincial bus going to Manila. Upon arriving at the terminal, a hired ven fetched the group and took them to SPC-Pasig.

Registration of the participants took place on the 19th of April (Sunday) during lunch time. After dinner was served, all participants went to the cOnvention Hall for the Orientation Program featuring Talents and cultural performances including a musical titled “Paul! Paul!”

Day 1-Breakfast was served at the SPCP Tent and following after it was the Morning Worship and Opening Ceremonies. Sr. Teresita Baricaua, SPC, Directress of SPS-Pasig gave the Welcome Remarks. After which, the presentation of the delegates followed next by Sr. Teresita Agana, SPC, SPCEM Core Team Leader. An inspirational speech with the topic “Lessons from My Paulinian Education” was said by Ms. Kathleen Mae Villamin, Political Science Representative of UP-Diliman.

After lunch break the first Keynote Speech explaining the theme was delivered by Governor Grace Padaca, Province of Isabela, in the Convention Hall.

Different Break-out Sessions involving activities or games were held after every speech or break in designated areas in the campus.

Dinner was served at 5:30pm -6:30pm. Afterwards, Socials and Talent Night was culminated. Two guest performers were called and entertained the delegates. Ms. Christine Allado first performed followed by Ms. Miki Hahn, a new singer nad artist in the show “Lip Gloss”.

The next day, April 21 (Tuesday), two Break-out sessions were done. And in the afternoon Mr Mark Meily, a multi-awarded film and television director rationalized the topic “Opportunities for Future Leaders”. Though his speech was more on filming/movie-making, students kept on asking questions. A break was given and the day was synthesized after.

Orientation for the Outbound Trip came after dinner. Next to it was the closing rites then the last socials and talent night. Mr. Christian Bautista was the guest performer who sang popularized songs by him and promoted his new album to the listeners.

Early morning of April 22 (Wednesday), delegates of the congress assembled in the SPCP Tent getting ready for the field trip in Zoobic Safari Adventure. There were more than ten tourist buses that were equally occupied by the more or less 600 participants. After 2 hours of educational tour in Zoobic, the group immediately went back to SPC-Pasig. The expected influx time at around 4:00pm was not followed due to the heavy rain that brought traffic on the streets.

Dinners placed in Styrofoam were distributed upon arrival. The hired van came late at around 6:00pm that kept th SPSA delegates waiting for almost two hours later in schedule. In going home, they rode the same bus they used in going to Manila. ##



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