Time to do mult…

Time to do multi-tasking, set priorities

We have always been bombarded with a lot of stories about people who cannot and do not have the chance to study a certain degree in the college or university he/she likes or even deserves. It is not a new story in this country. It has always been like that. Poverty. Poverty. Poverty. Many Filipinos continue struggling to live in this third world country day by day. But we must not blame the government alone. Blame the society we are in to.
The story of Lyndon John S. de Leon in the June 22, 2011 issue of PDI was an eye-opener for all who has read it. It is an ordinary story for most of us. But still, we have that soft side that keeps us feel pity over individuals with such case. More importantly, because he is a supposed to be student of the University of the Philippines Manila, we eventually embark more ‘panghihinayang’. The fact that he passed the UPCAT is an indication that he is bright and has a big dream that he eagerly wants to fulfill. Long and behold, that dream may never be attained for he ended up studying today the course he never liked and dreamed.
What lies ahead in the students who are in the same place as Lyndon? They can end up unsuccessful or not that successful. But chances are, along the way, they will love the profession they have entered to.
President Noynoy Aquino keeps on saying that he needs to solve the problems that the past administration had left. Yes, it is true that he has lots of things to do and more, to accomplish. But, I am sure there are many ways for him to tackle and solve not only the problems from the past but also the ones we have today – the present. It is time for President Aquino to face what the Philippines is currently showing him. We have to look at the past in order for us to move on, that’s right! Yet, we are far behind from the present. Now is the time to do multi-tasking.
I am not demanding President Aquino to move immediately as soon as possible. But I want him to set priorities. Why not invest on education more than anything else? I strongly believe that education is still the most important tool for a person to grow and develop to become a more effective citizen of his/her country. Let us take Japan for example. Unlike Philippines, they have less when it comes to natural resources. But look at how they conquer the world in terms of economy? They are now one of the countries with the strongest economies.
Their government has empowered its citizens. These citizens are the primary reasons why their country zoomed to the top in a short span of time. I think we should adopt what they did. The government, I guess, should empower us. Empower through education; education that is enough to compensate our hunger for knowledge. And after that, everything we ought to have and wished to do will surely follow.

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