Government working for and with people

I am still amazed that despite the fact that the year-end concert and “pyromusical” show was a blast, the city government of Marikina and its citizens were  still able to  keep their environment clean. Yes, Marikina is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, but this uniqueness is the reason it is considered the country’s “model” city today.

Marikina is a good, if not perfect, example of a city where the government is working for and with the people. I have seen several times how disciplined and law-abiding these citizens are. In the New Year Eve’s show, they proved this once more.

While walking along Shoe Avenue, along with hundreds of people who watched the night’s event, I saw a big group of pedestrians waiting for the traffic light to turn green. They were even having a countdown, shouting the numbers displayed on the traffic light. With five seconds remaining, the traffic enforcer told them to already cross the street. The people insisted to wait for the green signal.

Such is the attitude that this country needs. Marikina shows us how it is to live in a well-managed city: a government and a people working for and with each other. I hope other cities, officials and citizens follow Marikina’s lead. There is hope for this country.


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