(What could’ve been) MY CAMPAIGN SPEECH

If there was no time limit, this could’ve been my campaign speech last March.



Chairperson Reiner Lorenzo Tamayo

National and Local Issues

SOAR – Strengths. Opportunities. Aspiration. Results.


As your Nursing Student Council Chairperson, I will bring you to greater heights with my Plan of Action: SOARStrengths, Opportunities, Aspiration, Results.


What made us, UPCN student nurses, unique is our zeal and hunger to be heard. With your new student council, we will make sure that this strength will be further strengthened. We will make sure that everyone is not repressed of their right to talk and be heard.


Speak UP CN! Engage in monthly interactive educational discussions in cooperation with the different college councils and organizations. Topics such as health, education, politics, and other UP issues will be expounded upon, followed by the formation of a pro-active student agenda. We will engage you in small talks or forums regarding the most pressing national and local issues of the year especially those that affect the College and the profession as a whole.                     


Fresh Committees (FC). This year, we commit to streamline the NSC Committees which is the basic functional unit of the Student Council. We will also ensure the involvement of the Student Body in the activities planned, proposed, and implemented/executed by these committees.


These committees serve as specialized arms that serve as extension offices of the members of the council. Each of the Council members will oversee one out of the six committees. A committee head shall be elected among the registered members of that specific committee.


The committees congruent with the Nursing Student Assembly are as follows:

  • National and Local Issues – Chairperson
  • Sports and Culture – Vice-Chairperson
  • Academics and Research – NSC Representative
  • Finance -Finance Officer
  • Health and Environment – Secretary-General
  • Student’s Rights and Welfare – CN Representative to the USC


The Committee on Information will be dissolved as it is the duty of each Council member to disseminate information to the whole Student Body.


RSA: Ready, Set, Advance. This year, we will set a direction to the first year of implementation of UP Manila’s Return Service Agreement. We will initiate a forum involving the different stakeholders which will serve as an avenue for the clarification of vague clauses included in the RSA, the raising of anticipated problems, and the discussion of possible solutions to such.


I AM STRAW: In Action and Motion for Students’ Rights and Welfare. We will advocate for the passing of the STRAW Bill into law. We will conduct awareness campaigns, consultations and forums tackling said bill. We will also join other formations lobbying for the approval of the STRAW Bill for we believe that the State, aside from securing our right for sustainable, accessible and quality education, also has the duty to recognize, safeguard, and promote other rights that every student is bound to enjoy and exercise.



We will bridge the imaginary or illusionary gap between the UP College of Nursing Student Council and other Nursing Schools/Colleges across the nation. Further, we will provide opportunities for internal collaboration with the college-based and university-wide organizations.


Bridging the Gap. We will pioneer the formation of the Association of Philippine Nursing Student Councils (APNuSC). This will open up opportunities for collaboration and thus, promoting camaraderie and unity among the different Nursing Student Councils.


UPCoNsult. Consultations shall be held as early as March 2014, even before the current academic year ends. Outputs from this project shall serve as the springboard for planning activities for the upcoming academic year.


Regular student consultations shall also be held during the term of the elected officers.BatchRepresentatives shall be included as part of NSC Policy Making Body to reflect a represented student body. These official representatives would be the Batch Head of each batch and they will serve as an official part of the Executive Committee or Policy Making Body as promulgated by the Nursing Student Assembly Constitution. They shall be involved in all processes undertaken by the Policy Making Body such as planning and decision making. They will also serve as the link of the council to each Class from which inputs (suggestions, comments, or reactions) or outputs (information dissemination or announcements) could be readily channeled.




We almost always aspire to set the standards. This year, we will make it a better year for UPCN. We will not end up in the celebration of our 65th Founding Year.


UPCN: CoC. We will proclaim the UP College of Nursing a College of Character. Taking the idea from Tagaytay City and Aparri, we will introduce 12 character traits, one for each month of the year, we wish to emulate. At the end of our term, we will properly recognize those who practice good character.




Your new student council gives you a new vision, a new direction. We will provide you the results of our efforts. I used the word “our” because the council is not made up of mere students elected into office. We will put “you” in the stUdent coUncil. Aside from getting ideas from you, we will facilitate a new feedback system where everyone gets a chance to be heard.


Rev UP NSC. Empower the Nursing Student Council by reviewing its Constitution and structure, by seeking ways to improve its fiscal situation for effective administration, and by ensuring prompt and comprehensive planning, implementation, and evaluation of committed projects and programs. We aim to announce the activities and thrusts of the NSC at the start of the school year. Buklod UPCN brings you a leadership that springs from passion to serve the council and student body.


We will streamlinethe different approaches in the processes within the council. We will utilize the nursing process as a framework in developing projects and programs for the Student Body:

o    Assessment

o    Planning

o    Implementation

o    Evaluation


We will ensure the timely delivery of our projects noting the busy schedule of all the student nurses. We shall emphasize excellence not only in the council but also to the individual level of the officers and members.As we are students first before leaders, priority on academics of the members of NSC while balancing with delivery of NSC projects shall be promoted.

John Maxwell once said that “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” We like you to share the same vision that will be fulfilled through passion. And, together let us gear towards a new direction.


Dahil TAMA na taYO ay mangarap. Dahil TAMA na taYO ay magbuklod upang isulong ang TAMA para sa kolehiYO! TAMA na. TaYO na. TAMAYO na!


Ako si Renz Tamayo, ang inyong ss na NSC Chairperson, piloto tungo sa tunay, tapat, totong pagbabago!


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