FB_IMG_1436253449337Even with the machismo mentality, I believe men also experience discrimination, even abuse. And this issue is often not highlighted by mass media because people wouldn’t normally care. People won’t buy the story. Sad truth.

Chivalry is not dead. Some men only choose not to always be the ‘gentlemen’ that women usually aspire and look up to. Some men, including me, choose to let women be. Afterall, we are both capable of doing those actions such as:carrying a bag, opening the door. However, I think men have the duty to ‘help’ women in instances such as when they carry a huge load, they go up/down steep or slippery stairs, and among others.

Meanings are in people. It will always depend on how you view things.  There are women who prefer to do things on their own. The important thing is that both parties should always be on the same page. Gentleness and sweetness, like beauty, will always be relative.


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