Introspect and Retrospect : an autobiography

IR. Incident Report? Haha. With a few weeks left before the PNLE, I’m here updating and changing the design of my blog. Forgive me for prioritizing this over review.

Today, I decided to write my own autobiography. Aside from reminiscing, it’ll be a way for me to share the lessons I learned from experiences hoping that other people find inspiration from them and strive to be better. I initially thought of writing a memoir. However, it’ll just focus on a certain period of my life. I’m still young and I am sure that there’ll be a more interesting life period in the future that’ll be worthy to be written as memoir.

I probably wouldn’t be able to publish or print this in paper but I chose the title “Introspect and Retrospect” because they’ll sum up the content of the autobiography. I, for sure, will share reflections and thoughts on certain issues and events while looking back at the past 2 decades. To make it more appealing, I’ll try to upload pictures.

I haven’t decided yet on the structure or outline of the autobiography but it’ll probably start with the story of how our family came to be.

There’s no specific time/schedule of posting but I will try to post at least one chapter per month. I’ll try to organize this blog so that IR posts will be easily accessible as other blog posts regarding health, nursing and social issues will be published from time to time.


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