“Cagay”, Cagayan State University’s version of UP’s Sablay.

SOON, graduates are expected to wear this sash instead of the traditional toga. I like how the University emphasized its special role in shaping the minds of Cagayanos and in contributing to the development of Cagayan’s aqua- and agricultural sectors. The Cagay represents not just the brand and quality of education and leadership that the University offers but unique elements that makes anyone who wears it feel proud that he/she is a Cagayano.

Over the past years, CSU has proven to be one of the best universities in northern Luzon. Indeed, quality education at a very low price (or even free).

To the CSU Class of 2016, congratulations! Good luck smile emoticon

“Cagay” is equivalent of ‘shawl’ among the Ilocanos.

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