2014: 4/6
2015: 5/6
2016: 6/6

We’ve waited 3 years. This year, finally, BUKLOD did not just win the majority. We won ALL 6 NSC positions. No other (opposed) party in UPCN won all seats in one election in the recent 5 years. Buklod, indeed, made history!

This victory was made possible by the efforts of soooo many people behind the scenes. This year’s Buklod campaign team has been the biggest and most organized team yet.

To the Buklod members, supporters, campaign managers, members of the campaign team, alumni, and beloved mentors – thank you so much! Sulit lahat ng pagod ninyo! I hope we maintain this wonderful momentum! Let us continue to be inspired to serve the people and build the nation. Congratulations! Ito ay tagumpay nating lahat! πŸ™‚

To our new NSC – I am so proud of you! I’ve seen you grow even in a short span of time. Chill trainings diba? JK Seriously, you guys are awesome!!! Nakakaiyak!!! Thank you for lending your ears and opening your eyes to the realities of politics, issues, and campaigns. The challenge now is for you not to gain trust but to keep this public trust. I am confident that you will be greater! Congratulations! I’ll always be one call away πŸ˜‰

But, the real challenge lies in every UPCN student. Let us help this new NSC fulfill their 8-point agenda. Let us heed the resounding call: We are #GreaterTogether. UPCN, thank you for choosing what is greater! To a greater year! πŸ™‚ #MakiBUKLODNa



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