Mocha Uson at Mareng Winnie’s Bawal ang Pasaway

I watched the episode of Bawal ang Pasaway where Winnie Monsod, a well-known UP professor, interviewed Mocha Uson and asked about why she thinks Vice president Leni Robredo should be impeached. And here’s what I have to say:

You have to accept the fact that all Presidents (not only Duterte) are criticized because (1) they do not follow the will of the people, (2) they do not abide by the law, or (3) simply they abuse their authority and power (which was given by people who voted for them).

I do not know why there are people like you who are so in love with Duterte that you are willing to risk your lives for the sake of making him look good or trying to make what’s wrong right.

What ‘destabilizes’ the Philippines aren’t the people who question and criticize the President but people like you who, without a doubt, do not know what you are talking about. I am in no place to call you ‘idiots’ but day after day you are proving your critics right. And yes, I am more inclined to believe them more than ever.

STOP ‘destabilizing’ the Philippines. Shame on you for accepting the wrong as right. Shame on you for thinking that constructive criticism is wrong. Shame on you for failing to see the picture (of people lying on the streets). Shame on you for thinking that killing people in this war on drugs is acceptable and normal.

The facts are there. You just need to accept and analyze them well. Ask help if you must. Masyado bang nakakasilaw at nakakabulag na?

What irritates me the most is the blatant use of deception to favor the president. Again, shame on you! Nakakasuka.




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