Thoughts on the Philippine film industry

There are good movies but there are better ones. Depends on how you define ‘good’ and ‘better’. I just don’t like shaming one or two movies because it lacked visual appeal, social relevance and impact. For every film that’s out in the market, there’s a director, production team, and a set of artists who definitely gave their efforts to produce one that suits their target audience.

Movies that some people consider as ‘bad’ are not necessarily bad. For some, it could be as entertaining as they want it to be, serving the primary (I suppose) purpose and goal of the whole industry.

However, I am one with the call for more socially-relevant, world-class films that we, Filipinos, can truly be proud of. The Philippine film industry should evolve and become what the society needs it to be. We should produce films not to merely entertain but to encourage, inspire, and move Filipinos to embrace the true Filipino identity, appreciate our homegrown talents, and laud the artistry that is truly Filipino.


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