“1. Leaders tolerate a culture of fear and bullying
Every mistake seems to be blamed on someone in the office, like unlimited rice that gets generously pass around.”
–We see this almost every day. Even a rational explanation won’t do the job. At the end of the day, BEDSIDE nurse lagi ang may kasalanan.

“2. Unhealthy competition is the name of the game
Toxic companies excessively reward individual success at the expense of undermining the value of collaboration and teamwork.”
–We acknowledge / recognize people for going through multiple 16-hour shifts and think it’s simply “part of the job”. We FAIL to acknowledge the root cause of the problem and choose to laud band-aid solutions – solutions that often are unfair, unjust. I cannot believe they even had a ceremony for this.

“3. Processes operate under a slow, painful bureaucracy”
–We all know how the system works.




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