Today, I am thankful

Today, I am thankful.

Today, I thank the Lord for His blessings. Blessings He has freely given without me asking.

Today, I thank Neil for his patience, understanding and unending love. Love that goes beyond reason.

Today, I thank my family for their continued support, guidance, and the values we share. Values that make-up the the bedrock of my whole being.

Today, I thank my friends for the companionship and friendship. Low-maintenance friendship I wish to never end.

Today, I thank my colleagues for teaching me the value of my work as a nurse. The beauty and honor of being able to share a part of yourself, your being, to serve those in need, especially the weak and vulnerable.

Today, I thank my patients and their families for inspiring me with their strength in these trying times and their ability to appreciate even the smallest of gestures, intentional or not.

Today, I thank all those I couldn’t mention but have influenced me, one way or the other, to become the better version I am today.

Today, I thank those who I am bound to meet – people who I’ll look up to, respect, and work with to improve the lives of many.

Today, I am thankful.

Today, I thank you.


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