Care for those who care

VIOLENCE IN THE HOSPITAL EXISTS. We seldom talk about it because we think it's "part of the job" or that we "signed up for it". This is a skewed view of what nursing really is. Priority is given to patient care but self-care should be given equal importance. I believe violence in the hospital - … Continue reading Care for those who care


UP Manila says ‘No’ to Medical Cannabis Legalization in the Philippines

I agree that: 1) further research on Cannabis' efficacy and safety should be done under strict protocols (provided by national institutions) to ensure patient safety and safeguard public health. 2) any policy, especially public health policies, should be evidence-based. "UP Manila says 'NO' to Medical Cannabis Legalization" Download whole document:

Thematic Analysis: Brief Psychotic Disorder

INTRODUCTION Mental disorder, as well as mental health, is a broad concept that is difficult to precisely define. However, for the purposes of academic discussion, we shall utilize the definition of renowned associations in the world. Mental disorder, as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA, 2000), is “a clinically significant behavioral or psychological syndrome … Continue reading Thematic Analysis: Brief Psychotic Disorder