Dancing is a well-known form of art throughout the world. Many, if not all, know how to groove their bodies with the rhythm of sound. Due to our fondness of dancing, we created dance contests or competitions to enhance our dancing skills and to recognize who among us stands out. Our country is of no exemption to these dancing activities. Barangays, Universities, and organizations are some of the organizers of these contests. Many are joining such contests not because of the prize but because of their passion in dancing.

Recently, I was able to watch one of the country’s many dance contests. The inclement weather did not stop ten dance groups from different universities and colleges who made it to the grand finals of the 2011 Lactacyd Confidance from heating up the dance floor of SM North-Skydome last Saturday.

The event started later than the scheduled time. Audience and supporters lined up and waited outside the dome for more or less an hour. But the spirit was all in when the event finally started. Hosts came from the Kabarkada Channel, Studio 23, together with a female DJ from Tambayan 101.9. ABS-CBN covered the whole event and is scheduled to air on television next Saturday.

De La Salle University hooked up the Championship this year and brought home a trophy and PhP100,000 after showcasing a clean and dynamic routine. UP Diliman Streetdance and UP Manila Indayog landed on 1st and 2nd runner-up, respectively.

 Other finalists included UP Manila Belle, Asia Pacific College, Ateneo De Manila University, DLSU College of St. Benilde, Miriam College, College of the Holy Spirit, and the people’s choice awardee, Far Eastern University.


Lactacyd, a leading brand of feminine wash, initiated and sponsored the said event boosting up the confidence level of young women through dancing.

 I find the event a good way to show the dancing skills and talents of female college students. I believe the objective of the contest was met leaving behind the fact that in a way it was an advertising mechanism.

 All participants performed well. There is no doubt that they reached the finals. But I will agree with one of the three judges who commended UP Manila Indayog. Among the rest, they were the group who staged a routine that was very feminine. I was also expecting ADMU to have a place on the Top 3. It is because their routine was somewhat perfect and eye-catching. They have performed a routine I never thought they can. On the one hand, there is no other reason to contend the results. The winners deserve it.

 During the duration of the contest, I was a little bit puzzled with what the hosts were doing. I have asked myself more than twice if what I was looking at was just a rehearsal. It wasn’t clear to me at all not until they announced that it will be aired on Studio 23. And so, I concluded that they were recording it. They did a lot of takes because the hosts were committing mistakes. Sure enough, it consumed a lot of valuable time.

 The venue was enough to accommodate the expected audience. I’ve seen vacant seats around. I think not all knew about the event and that the admission is free. I suppose the committee on public relations of the said event lack the effort in disseminating information. If not, it may be the bad weather and the closing of MRT Line 3 on that day which hindered some supporters from going to the event place.

Students, parents, friends and even educators were present to witness the event. The crowd was crazy of their own bets. It was fun to cheer for the teams that represented your university.

This is not my first time to watch a dance contest. However, it was somehow different from what I’ve seen in the province. Many of what I saw in the suburbs we’re copied or else lousy routines. While here in the Metro, what I can say is that new ideas are revolving around.

The contest served as an avenue to bring out creativity and of course teamwork and unity. Moreover, I am sure that the dancers allotted time and effort to come up with a bombastic dance routine. It all paid off for we were all entertained.

I will grab other opportunities like this. It is one of the Four Extras stated by Richard Burkhardt that we, freshmen, should avail. Aside from the entertainment value, life’s lessons not taught in school are learned here and besides it’s free. This will make my college life complete.

It is true that dancing is already in our system. Humans have established different kinds of dances that can be performed in various occasions and programs. We, then, must learn to love and appreciate it no matter what. After all, dancing is an effective means of expressing yourself and enhancing one’s self-confidence as proven by the finalists


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