Country of the Aged

If it becomes law, the RH bill in the House of Representatives could lead to an old generation, the opposite of our present young generation. Why young? Because we have more young than old citizens. The bill is a threat to the country, not a solution to its economic problems as its authors claim. It could result in zero birth rate. If babies are born, we can probably count them on our fingers. We could run short of manpower, which would hurt the economy more. If the congressmen fear that we might run out of space, they should remember that not all of our 7,107 islands are inhabited. Develop all of those islands and give people jobs there. This bill is not a priority. We already have enough problems without it. —Reiner Lorenzo J. Tamayo, Manila

My very first letter to the editor, published in the June 11, 2011 issue of thePhilippine Free Press, the country’s longest-running newsweekly. :))


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