Money without value

For years of implementing different school policies, the incurring of fines has laid out a bunch of questions from the student body as well as the faculty. There has never been a guarantee that paying fines for every violation committed provides the solution to problems which are addressed to be answered by this certain policy.

In the beginning of the School Year 2010 – 2011, the Student Council officers (SCO) immediately began its collection of fines for every violation. The SCO further stressed out in the Students’ Orientation that the policy is presented to teach the students a lesson. But, it seems that the officers have forgotten the fact that giving examples is a way of teaching. Yes, they are making the students learn a lesson: to follow the leaders in their fraudulent system.

One of the problems that are to be solved by this policy is the overflowing number of students coming to school late. When the policy has taken its effect it was seen that there is no change at all. Whereas, more and more students come to school late each day even though they are to pay fines as punishment. The policy in its very nature has no effect on students and so it is useless.

In every month, the SCO is presenting projects and programs that according to them, will aim for the total development of each student. The money that the council uses comes from the fines collected. Again, according to them, the fines are helpful enough to supply them financially to push through their projects. What’s on the mind of these officers when it comes to fines? It is not making the students more disciplined but to let that money give them a good impression from other people.

Is it not that the fines are collected to make the students more disciplined? The Student Council officers, who implements such policy, must go back and read its main objectives. Nonetheless, in more than a hundred times, no matter how intense you implement the policy, still there is no valuable outcome that will be seen on students. Do the bandits understand?

Reiner Lorenzo Tamayo y Jarabe
1st place, Editorial writing (high school level)
SPSA Journalism Seminar

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