Campaign Speech

“Popularity will not count, but the ability will be an account.”



This is a recycled quotation which was originally made by me for my campaign speech last year. But it is only this time that I had the chance to stress out what it means.



It is not necessarily a person who is popular must be considered an honest or truthful officer. Everyone should change their personal views toward this. For a person who has the utmost ability; ability to lead and serve; ability to listen to his/her members and the ability to be a follower has the right to become an effective leader. Leaders who are weak are not worthy to be called leaders. They are easily carried away by “external” factors that most of the time aren’t true. If you show, even from the start that you are weak or you cannot hold on to something then how can you lead? How can other people believe in your capabilities? Insecurity leads to a person’s downfall. It’s not the fault of the people surrounding you. Leaders speak for the truth, the very truth; they act for the best and are vocal all the time because they care for the rest.



For years of running for a position in the Student council, I am sure that most of you possibly know me enough. But for those who don’t, kindly lend your ears.



I am Reiner Lorenzo from the simple clans of Jarabe and Tamayo. I am popularly known with the nick “RENZ”. I began studying in SPS-Aparri since kindergarten and is a consistent topnotch in class. I was elected 3 times since gr. 4 and was then the president of the GS Student Council when I was on the 6th grade way back 2006 or 2007. I am your current Treasurer and I believe that I have served you at my best and I still continue to do my duty for the school year did not end yet. I filed a candidacy and I am now running for the position: Vice-president for External Affairs under the Vocal party. I would be on guard that we, if elected as your new set of SC officers next year will implement effective, just, and favorable programs and projects that aim for the development of every Paulinian.



I strongly and firmly suppose that our party is a complete package of leaders; from journalists to singers and from dancers to athletes then many more. This is not to boast or show off but to exclaim to you that we also have something to blow up. Though, we may be good in different areas, we still have something in common, and it’s leadership, real leadership.



Please once again cast your votes of confidence and trust not only to me but to my party mates as well.


Don’t forget on Monday, Feb. 8, Renz Tamayo, R-E-N-Z, as simple as that for V.P. External.



Act now! Speak up! Be VOCAL!



Thank you and Peace be with you.


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