Catholics by Name

Aside from the August 23 Hostage Crisis in Luneta, the RH Bill of both the Senate and House of Representatives gave a quake in President Aquino’s half-cooked administration. It is better to use the fund of the Filipino people to things that are of greater use and benefit than to spend it on useless contraceptives that do not abide the Supreme Law of God. RH Bill is unconstitutional and that it was and will forever be not welcome in this Catholic country.

The most prominent RH Bill was primarily authored and proposed by Representative Edcel Lagman. The Bill’s main goal is to disseminate information about the use of family planning devices and birth control through established community health centers. Moreover, the Bill stated a proposal that the Filipino Taxpayer and private sector will fund the distribution of these devices. This proposal aggravated the argument between pro-RH and anti-RH. Why make use of the people’s fund when there is at least less than 1% of the total fund be given back to them? There is even no assurance that everybody will benefit from it when there is a hanging fact that there is no single benefit that any ordinary Filipino could get.

Proponents of the Bill even said that it will help the economic status of the country be stable. How? According to them, it is by lessening the population through contraception. Well, studies show that the use of birth control devices and pills do not give a 100% guarantee that the persons using it will not conceive a child. Three or two percent is not a small difference. It is a BIG difference. There are more or less three hundred three thousand 0.000000001 in three percent. Why put those decimal points in to trash when lives are deemed at stake?

It is but more helpful and beneficial for the economy and the Filipino especially the youth if the fund be used for educational purposes and health services that the country needs the most instead of wasting time and money for an argument to which the conclusion is not even seen or at hand. The lawmakers need not to battle against the Church just to make their desires pulled up and create boundaries between the two parties.

President Aquino moved his token at the middle of the war by claiming that he supports a portion of it. He said that the government will provide contraceptives for parents who ask for them but not straightly promote it for his position, according to him, was concentrated on responsible parenthood rather than reproductive health. The challenge still lies in his hand whether he approves the bill when it is passed both in the senate and the house. P-Noy needs to prove to the people that he is a real Catholic.

Up to now, the battle against and in favor the RH Bill continues. The RH Bill is one of the many bills that will stir up the ability of the Church to defend its self against the self-centered state. Hence, as Catholics, we need to do our part and go for what is morally right. There are many countries around us to where we could get draw backs of the same bill. We need not to experiment the same proposal in our country especially that money is a big talk of the town. One thing lies sure about this bill; it’s a waste of time and money. That’s it. If you’re a Catholic and if you support the RH Bill, you’re just a Catholic by name.


(The article/editorial I submitted to The Paularri, the official publication of Saint Paul School of Aparri, for its 2010-2011 issue. I guess the paper is not yet published…until now.)


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