RH Bill: a threat not a solution

The House Bill No. 4244 of the Congress better known as the RH Bill ignites the probability of an old-age generation which is the opposite of what we have now – a young generation. Why “young”? It is because the population is dominated by younger citizens instead of the older ones.
I see the Bill as a threat and not a solution to population increase, as what the authors said. A threat because the government will superbly encourage its citizens to use contraceptives instead of practicing natural methods. If all legally-aged Filipinosare gonna thrive in drugstores or government health centers to purchase such contraceptives the tendency is that we would have ZERO MORTALITY RATE for no babies will be born. If there are, we are going to count them with our fingers.
The result will be worst for we shall soon be lacking manpower. The congressmen want to control the population primarily because they do not want to experience space shortage as well as its consequences. But let me stress out that we are blessed with 7, 107 islands and not all of those islands are inhabited. What our government need to do is to utilize those uninhabited islands and provide more jobs for the people so that they will forget indulging into pleasurable “intimate” moments in a successive manner.
The Bill is not a priority. The country has lots of problems to deal with. And wasting more time for absurd things like this will never lead us to MATUWID NA DAAN.

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