“at ang nakakuha ng unang pwesto para sa sayawit ay ang…ikalawang kalahok!”

“party na!”

those were the joyful words that came out from our mouth after the emcee has announced the winner. yes, we won. in fact, we won 1st place for three contests, namely, sayawit, dula-dulaan, and palarawang sayaw. we were all grateful and indeed shocked! we never expected to be on top, all that is on our mind was to be on top 3.but, god really is that good and he let us feel the fruits of our efforts. efforts that were all not ripe in the beginning but was developed as we go on in fulfilling what we ought to do and accomplish.

it all started this way. our class adviser, ma’am jacquelyn salvador was absent for couples of days she even didn’t make it to hear what activities will be held on the celebration of the linggo ng wika when the administration launched a faculty meeting. and so, ma’am janelyn yadao stood as the replacement of our adviser that time. she then borrowed notes from other teachers in order for us to know what were brought out in that meeting. she told us to prepare for the sayawit, tagisan ng talino, dula-dulaan, and palarang sayaw. we didn’t made any moves yet because we hoped for our adviser to delegate the task among the class equally.

after how many days, mrs. salvador came back and she oriented us about the activities. she assigned leaders for each activity so that work would run out faster. Danica was assigned to make the script for the skit, Isabel to act as leader of the dancers in palarawang sayaw and I with some friends for the sayawit.

we were like turtles while working for the different events. we were but slow, maybe slower than the usual “slow”. and so from time to time our adviser gets angry with us and we feel that her anger was rising up to the ceiling. we cannot do anything but to resist our guilt of our faults. but those “hot” moments never ended. 3 days before the celebration started, all were not still working out fine. dance steps were not yet complete and the practices were not finalized. soon enough, as we all expected, she got mad at us. we, without much expectations, answered her back, with voices a little higher than the normal ones. both of the parties are now growing hot in temper. she then settled everything so fast. maybe, she doesn’t like to waste more time.

the day came, and everyone was nervous. before each contest, we pray and say good luck to each other. its our way of lessening stage fright and sometimes even fear. god helps the people who helps themselves. as Frankilin said in his almanac. we helped ourselves and we are competent to have places for these for God through our intimate prayers to Him will help us too.

Luckily, or let’s say in God’s will and our will, we won. those trophies serve as inspirations for us to strive better and show to everyone that we have something to blow up. we are not only good in academics, as they say, but we are also good in other careers. our class has now academic topnotchers plus dignified actors and actresses.Image


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