Abusive Authority

It is said that God created human equal and that it is a right for every person to be treated fairly. most people nowadays are merely treated equally. discrimination, biases and injustice acts by people who have higher authority over slums are thriving in the present society. and that those who have that authority also have the power to do what they wanted to do, anytime and anywhere. it is unfair but very true.

superior people of a school are what we refer to as the people who have higher authority and power. most of them make use of it improperly, treating others unfairly. teachers for example are allowed to buy foods outside the campus yet students are not permitted to do so. many are then complaining about it. jealousy and envy are what students feel whenever they see their teachers holding cooked foods from street vendors in the park.

another thing is that some of them come to school late but there were never punishments laid upon them unlike students who are demanded to clean comfort rooms. some also wear improper uniform like ‘tsinelas’ instead of sandals or shoes. they even can’t resist sometimes using profane language or bad words while scolding their students. the questions here now are the following: if teachers can, why can’t the students? how can the students follow their teachers, if they too are VIOLATORS? is it because they have more authority than students? they, the educators who must be good models whose duty is to teach the best for students, tend to do the opposite way.

when teachers speak of authority over students, they naturally mean authority for themselves by holding on to power as long as they can for their own good. their brazen commands awaken the students to use their instincts to protect their rights from the abuse of too much professionalism. but as they continuously treat students as though they are contemptuous individuals, they perpetuate more power.

there is nothing bad to use the power vested on them, but they must not go over the limit. yes, teachers have multiple rights but to think of the fact and of reality, students have them too. they must always remember that the authority given to anyone is given by a supreme being who has all the right to command and is with official power. they must not abuse it by any means just to fulfill their own satisfaction. do they deserve to be called ‘teachers’?


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