Yesterday after…

Yesterday afternoon, while we were having our English class, Mrs. Yolanda Annang, our teacher for that particular subject announced the results of the 2009 NAT (National Achievement Test). It was held last year when we were still in the 2nd year. Subjects such as English, Filipino, Math, Science and Araling Panlipunan or Social Studies were included in the exams. Most of us found it pretty hard to answer some questions for they were still not discussed by our teachers. That fact was a real disadvantage for us to put St. Paul School of Aparri among the top schools in the Province. But the standing of the school is not yet confirmed.

I was in total shock when I heard our teacher announced that I was on Top 3 among the 60+ second year students in our school last year. Making it to the top without review is the most overwhelming fulfillment for an individual. and I felt the joy in exchange of that after hearing that announcement. Almost all of the answers that I have placed were from stock knowledge but some of it were guess. ha ha ha.

My lowest I think was Math. What else would I expect? There’s no other. But now, I try to make up to it. I concentrate more on the major subjects. but balancing my responsibilities is the only problem I face now, a serious problem…


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