NSTP – January …

NSTP – January 27, 2012
The activities I did on the 3rd day of our NSTP Practicum were the same with those given to me the previous weeks. This was not a problem for me because I have now adjusted with their system. I was glad that this time I found patients’ records and charts quite more easily.

A nurse taught me a technique for locating charts that were not arranged systematically. She told me to memorize the last 3 digits of the patient’s case number in his/her blue card so that when I’m looking for record in a pile of records I’ll just look at the last digits. The technique was really a big help!

One thing that I learned this day is to thank people no matter how small the act was. All the nurses expressed their gratitude to me (as well as Jessica) when I left the clinic. They told us that they were lucky to have us every Friday – the day where the most number of patients are scheduled. Again, I’ve proven that small things matter. Sometimes, they even matter the most rather than the big ones.

Perhaps this lesson is but important to note. Nothing will be lost when you express your gratefulness. After all, saying “Thank you” is not a hard thing to do. Is it? 


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