NSTP – January …

NSTP – January 13, 2012


The 2nd day of NSTP Practicum in the IMed section was again fun. They told me to number the blue cards which were dropped by patients in designated boxes. Three boxes were available that time labeled Renal, Diabetes and Cardio. I helped three nurses in numbering the blue cards. The number system, as I see it, was a move to make the processing of papers easier and faster. But it turned out to be a little useless for some patients whose charts were lost or cannot be found.

I’ve seen a huge number of patients with their families clamoring for an inexpensive health service administered by competent health professionals. This maybe is what PGH is for. It’s the hospital of the Filipinos for the Filipinos.

Patients, if not their relatives, seem to be a little impatient and ‘makulit’. After they’ve asked you twice, they’ll ask you a couple times more. They worry that their doctor might not be able to see them or be stuck in the hospital for hours. I continuously tell them that they must wait for their names to be called. It is good because they were nodding and saying ‘okay’ to agree with me. I’ve not encountered a patient who’s disrespectful enough. I understand what they’re going through. And that’s what I learned on the 2nd day.

As a future nurse, I train myself to communicate with the clients as if I am one of them. I try to put my feet in their shoes. It is in this way, I guess, that I can understand them. Impatient they may seem, but with effective communication skills, no life is hard enough to manage.


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