NSTP – January …

NSTP – January 6, 2012


We arrived at around 9 o’clock in the morning in the Internal Medicine section of the Philippine General Hospital. Our clinical instructor led us to what seems to me like a reception area where nurses, I suppose, were continuously talking and looking for whatever the patients need before they see their doctor.

I went to join the nurses in what they call ‘special’. At first, I do not know what to do and how to ask what am I going to do that day. They had no time to talk to other people. But, a nurse told me to help them look for laboratory results in a box with partitions labeled with all of the alphabets.

I found it hard to locate some of the results. First, because even though the partitions were labeled with letters some results were still misplaced. Second, because some names were misspelled. Some first names became surnames. But I managed to locate them despite the conditions stated above.

With this experience, I realized that two of the things a nurse must possess must be patience and initiative. Patience for him/her to be able to do work without complains. Patients seem to be impatient and who else would first understand them except nurses? Initiative so that the work that needs to be done but cannot be done by someone assigned will be done by someone else.

With the help of Jessica Rañola, I arranged the laboratory results alphabetically until 11 o’clock came. My first day in IMed was fun especially because it thought me two things vital for my formation in becoming an effective nurse in the future.


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