Remain humble, pray always and have a thankful heart my son

Remain humble, pray always and have a thankful heart my son
by Reginald B. Tamayo on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 5:05pm (

To my dear son Renz:


I read in earnest your blogspot articles in the past son. I re-read them with intent today. I tried to recall what you said in your valedictory address and, at the end of the day,I reached one clear and definitive conclusion: you speak and write better than I do.

Truth to be told, I tried to digest the thoughts you were imparting to your blogspot readers like me. Your thoughts were so deep and profound. I found some which were philosophical. Others were also witty while a handful were expressions of indignation and righteousness. I thought you have grown fast and so maturely but with grace. You have grown into a fine young man my son.

Without you asking me my son, when I was listening to you while addressing the crowd, I was the proudest and happiest father at that moment. I was listening with interest as if every word you uttered was divinely inspired. Not an atom of doubt, the speech was well written by you and it was delivered with the right tempo and pronunciation. I did not care when people saw me cried a river. I cried even more when you started to mention our sacrifices as a family. Those tears eloquently expressed my joy that God gave me a son who is gifted and who knows how to share God’s glory to others by his sterling qualities.

You made true to your promise that you will give me and your mom the grandest gift this year for our birthdays and wedding anniversary. To tell you the truth my son, your being the Valedictorian in your class is the best gift we received. But you sacrificed a lot in your aim to be on top of the class, right? There is no denying, you look thinner, there are even more noticeable yet manageable zits on your face. I could imagine your sleepless nights reading your lessons. I could picture your desire to reach out to me and to your mom for help when you were pushed to the wall. I could think that you felt helpless when assignments and lots of school work overwhelmed you. During those times when you felt you were alone and desolate, during those moments when you thought that the world was against you, your mom and I were there in your heart my son. We though of you and your ate Regine and ading Iya and RG in our prayerful wishes. You were never alone my son in the lonely fight to be on top. You ate Regine, Ading Iya and Ading RG, Mama Li and your mom were with you all along.

My eyes are welling with tears as I write this my son. Frankly, I feel the stigma of joy of a father being pleased by his kid. Just remember to remain humble. Always keep a thankful heart. Pray to God always.

I love you son.




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