A Commentary

I have always been a critic of P-Noy. It is not solely because I do not (sort of)  believe in his “unique” leadership and management skills but  also because his candidacy way back 2010 was not destined and proper/right. A few keen observers might notice that the Liberal Party made use of Cory Aquino’s death to make Noynoy famous. The party made use of what I call the DRAMA technique. Everyone was shouting their battle cry of freedom as if the Martial Law days were back.

It was known for a long period of time that Mar Roxas was LP’s initial Presidential bet. But, again, because of the drama season Roxas gave up his dream and gave the post to Aquino. (If Roxas ran, Manny Villar might have won the race.)

I like P-Noy’s perseverance and dedication in eradicating dishonest employees in the government. But sometimes, he seems to be too much annoying.

PAG-ASA’s Senior Weather broadcaster now in GMA7

I cannot help it but laugh when I saw Mr. Tanny as the Kapuso Channel’s new weatherman. I can recall the day P-Noy said that he wanted this man out of the system. It was one of his worst decisions! P-Noy did not consider the fact that we only have a few weathermen serving the nation almost 24/7 with the smallest salary given. That decision did not even solve a problem. In a sense, he added a problem. It could’ve been better if he reprimanded Mang Tanny and not fire him hastily. Why did this happen? Drama again. People were clamoring for answers. And P-Noy, in my opinion, was not in his proper mind during those days. Inside job maybe?

25th Anniversary of TV Patrol

This issue made me angry. Can someone please tell me if what he did emulates the observance of proper decorum? Anyone, even those who were not able to finish their schooling will tell me it’s not right. That attitude is more often than not manifested by people who we regard as “walang modo“. Who, in his great (seriously? great?) and conscious mind, would destroy a celebration by speaking in front of a crowd saying bad things about people who are the very reasons behind the occassion? Tell me! It’s not about what he said, it’s about manners.

CJ Impeachment

In almost everyday of my Summer this year did I hear P-Noy throwing words at “former” CJ Corona. He might have said things that were true. But I think that act was beyond his duty as president. Was mostly personal in my opinion. What I’m certain of is that he wanted to get rid of Corona and replace him with…

Quest for New CJ

Leila De Lima! Immediately after the impeachment of Corona, the JBC began its task of coming up with the shortlist of the next CJ to rule over the Supreme Court and maintain its integrity in GOOD FAITH. Days passed and disbarment cases mushroomed which lead to the disqualification (?) of DoJ Secretary Leime De Lima. De Lima was, of course, disappointed together with his master P-Noy. I guess P-Noy wants De Lima as next CJ. Now, tell me how P-Noy is different from former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Arroyo? Birds of the same feather “fly” together?

On RH Bill

Until now, I do not know the clear stand of P-Noy on this issue. (Am I not informed?) Like the Philippines torn between Islam and Christianity, he’s probably torn between his religiosity and duty as the primary ruler of this country. Well, let’s leave the bill to our lawmakers who I believe most of the time do not know what they are doing. LOL 😀

August Monsoon – BAHAgat

Days ago, the Metro faced another Ondoy-like week in which most of the cities and nearby provinces were submerged in flood waters. A number died and a lot were rescued and were lead to our cute and crowded relief center. But the most important part of trying and tiring moments like this is the aftermath. A deluge of relief effort were given to flood victims in all the affected areas. As a humble tradition, the President himself lead some of the relief good distribution activities in the Metro. What surprised me in that great scene was TESDA SecretaryJoel Villanueva, a rumored senatorial bet on 2013. That’s a few months from now! Anyway, I’m not directly putting much malice on that act. Let time judge it.

Road trip

I liked the idea of the Palace to utilize social media in getting and disseminating info. The latest would be the pothole campaign which was launched to create a database of areas where major roads and hi-ways were destroyed by the monsoon floods. Today, I saw DPWH road workers and several trucks heading somewhere I do not know. A tarpaulin hung in one of the trucks saying, “Operation Pothole”. I can see that the government is serious in this. Applause! On one hand, they might as well want to fix traffic lights.

No one person perfectly fits his job. It’s a matter of being NOT maladaptive.

NOTE: No pun intended. This does not intend to insult anyone.


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