Nursecissism 2012: Myth the Legends

The TALES OF EGYPT is this year’s UPCN Class of 2015 production for the annual Nursecissism at the UP College of Nursing.

I was so nervous because we only had two days to practice. Almost all of the main characters were on duty and they need to finish a number of papers. On one hand, the presentation turned out better than what I expected. The cast, crew, props men and all those who were behind the production were amazing last night!

Though, we did not win this year, I am confident that we will do better next year. We need to allot more time for practice and be serious of what we are doing in order for us not to waste time. All in all, everyone enjoyed it and because of that, I’m proud to be part of Batch 2011/Class of 2015. Kudos friends! :))

By the way, the judges were “bigatin” / “famous” and “brilliant” in their own fields. Image😀


Here’s the link to our less than 15 min performance: Happy watching! I believe!


P.S. Congratulations to the Class of 2013 for bagging all the awards!


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