Why we are shallow

Written by: F. Sionil Jose
Precis by: R. Tamayo

There are lot of reasons why we are shallow. First is our educational system that has degraded. We are not like the Hindus and Buddhists who continuously study philosophy and ancestor worship whick links them back to the past. Our attitude of being “mayabang” or ego-driven is another reason. Many of our officials stick tp their positions even if they know they are not qualified. Our lack of knowledge of who we are and the limits to what we can do, and the lack of perception and courage also make us shallow. These keep us away from prosperity and justice. The next reason why we are shallow is our media’s shallowness. Most of what are shown in our television programs do not have quality unlike those abroad. We are shallow because we do not read. We are far different from the Japanese who are reading anywhere they are. We are shallow because we have become slaves of material things. We always think that earthly goods satisfy us.

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