Renz the Dictator

Dictator. That is what his closest friends call him. But it is not the type of dictator that you all have been thinking about. But rather, Renz is a person full of dictations that bring about positive auras to people around him.

Renz dictates organization. When things go into chaos, he is the one to bring things into order. He is the best asset a school organization could ever have.

Renz dictates responsibility.  Always the one on time, always the one in efficiency. He is a trophy of a groupmate to have.

Renz dictates family. Not only he is a good son but he is also a wonderful brother.  He is so family oriented, that he even extended his family to his friends.

These statements are just a few of the many wonderful traits that dictates Renz. But the best thing he has ever dictated in his entire life, is when he dictated me as his friend.

Note: Yearbook write-up by Serge Aclan


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