Isang take lang!

ISA. Isang take lang!

Sa totoo lang, napanaginipan ko yung 84.6 na board rating. Pero hindi ko naman akalain na papasok pala sa Top 10 ang rating na ‘yan. Ang galing mo, Lord! You’ve given me more than what I prayed for.

Thank you to the University of the Philippines Manila and the College of Nursing for the opportunity you’ve given me (us) to learn, grow, and develop the skills required of a truly caring nurse. I commend our professors and clinical instructors who sacrificed time just to teach us how/what it takes to be a good nurse. I know I have disappointed you at times by not meeting your expectations or even became a reason for your raised eyebrows, but I can say that I owe you a lot. And I sincerely thank you for that. Special mention for our adviser, Sir Arnold Peralta, who never had a doubt in my potential. Also, to Prof. Loyda Cajucom who inspired me to always do better than the average.

Of course, words of gratitude to Saint Paul School of Aparri and the Lyceum of Aparri for the foundations of my well-being; that includes spirituality.

I also thank all those who helped me throughout college:
>Our family especially my parents, older sister Regina (who helped me finish dozens of visual aidssssss for health teaching sessions) and all those who contributed big or small.
>The UPMASA for the Luisita Romero Scholarship Grant
>Other kind people who contributed their books and other resources
>And all those worthy to be mentioned and thanked but not mentioned here. Hehe.

I thank Top Rank Review Academy for preparing us for the board examination. You did boost our self-esteem and confidence!

Lastly, I thank and remember all the patients, families, and the communities I served and made me realize why I continued pursuing this profession, and why I whole-heartedly choose to stay and serve the Filipino people.

Thank you and congratulations UP College of Nursing Class 2015! This is just the start. We’re off to face bigger challenges, bigger tests. Remember to remain humble and to keep a thankful heart. 100% passing rate plus 16 topnotchers? Indeed, “our mark will never be gone.”

Muli’t muli, PARA SA DIYOS AT PARA SA BAYAN! smile emoticon

P.S. I’ve asked Mama Mary’s intercession by praying the Holy Rosary wherever and whenever I can. I encourage you to do the same. It brings graces you did not even ask.


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