Top Rank!

Whenever I recall the grueling review period, all I could remember is one question that all employees and lecturers frequently asked, “Magtotop ka ba?”. Many would confidently shout and say, “yes!” but I remain there seated and silently say to myself, “Yes, Renz. You will.”

I wasn’t part of our batch’s Top 10 and did not even make it to Top Rank’s Top 10 in any of the 3 pre-board exams we had months ago. I’d doubt it when my family would say I’d make it to the top. Nobody, not even me, expected this honor. But here I am one of the many national topnotchers who get to enjoy the limelight for a little while before we face the real world. And this moment, this surreal moment, is but something I’d like to share with the Top Rank Review Academy.

While it is true that this achievement goes back to the college I graduated from – THE UP College of Nursing – I cannot help but feel obliged to say the same to this family. Top Rank Review Academy always believed in us, UP graduates, saying that they already expect us to pass the board exam. They told us that the review academy will just assist us in preparing ourselves in facing the actual board exam which required more emotional preparation than we initially expected.

Top Rank made sure that we get what we deserve. Top Rank made sure that even an average student like me will aim higher, will do better. Top Rank made sure we get to fulfill our dreams even when it meant a lot of sacrifices.

Top Rank gave us more than what we wished for and the recent NLE results say a lot why we dare say that it is the “Best Review Center”.

Thank you, Top Rank, for your confidence in us. I will treasure all the moments we’ve shared together and keep in mind why we choose to be nurses PARA SA BAYAN.

Sa Top Rank, sulit!



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