RSA: 1 of 2

December 18 marks the end of the first year of my Return Service. Amazing how time flies! During the past year, I've been able to do three things: (1) work as a research assistant, establish an organization of researchers, (2) teach nursing topics, (3) work as a hospital staff nurse. In the final year of … Continue reading RSA: 1 of 2


November 2016 PNLE

Tips daw para magtop sa board exam: 1) Yakapin ang batch / preboard exam topnotchers. 2) Hingin ang pencils nila. 3) Kausapin at hintaying sabihan ka ng "good luck" o "galingan mo" ni crush. 😀 Good luck, UP College of Nursing Class of 2016. 🙂 #OneTakeSince1948  

Top Rank!

Whenever I recall the grueling review period, all I could remember is one question that all employees and lecturers frequently asked, "Magtotop ka ba?". Many would confidently shout and say, "yes!" but I remain there seated and silently say to myself, "Yes, Renz. You will." I wasn't part of our batch's Top 10 and did … Continue reading Top Rank!